welcome ♥

hey i`m aimee and this may be the most BORING blog you`ve ever seen!
i apologize!
^    ^
i`m mosly using it for my poupeegirl account because of all the comment clubs and stuff!
i also like to use it for intersting things to buy like egl_sales or any private sellers!
the few friends i have here are interesting and inspiring individuals i love to watch their lj`s!
^    ^
i myself do not have to tell anything intersting!
i`m working alot and earn some money to spend even more!
that`s me!
i have a boyfriend and i love him to death! ♥
i love japan, japanese fashion lke lolita, decora and any kind of street fashion!
but i don`t find the time to dress that way very often!
;  w  ;
anyway that`s it!
here`s my myspace and my pupe if you like to learn more check them!
much love


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